About ITEC


ITEC Learning Technologies Limited operates as a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, governed by a voluntary Board of Directors.

ITEC was set up by Basildon Borough Council in 1983 with the principle objective of providing information technology training for the benefit of the Basildon district. Training commenced in  February 1984, since which time provision has developed to offer  a comprehensive service in public and private sector training for employers and learners across the Thames Gateway South Essex.

In 2001 we established our commercial department, changed our name from Basildon ITEC to ITEC Learning Technologies and re-branded ourselves with new logos and signage.  We introduced new courses including Microsoft and CompTIA qualifications, and updated many of our training rooms to improve our facilities for our clients.

In the 34 years that ITEC has been delivering training, our youth programmes have been some of our most successful, and to this day we still continue to attract 100’s of applicants to join our Apprenticeship programmes each year.

We are one of the leading IT Training Providers in Essex and one of the few able to offer a full range of Technical IT Apprenticeships.

In 2002 we introduced our Alternative Education programme.  This enabled us to offer training to 14-16 year old students that were no longer in mainstream education or wanted a vocational programme to run alongside their education; these programmes have gone from strength to strength, with many transferring on to an Apprenticeship programme on leaving school.

In 2004, as the Government decided to reduce the number of direct contract holders, we became part of the NOVA partnership, a consortium of local Training Providers and Colleges, working together to provide a diverse and exciting range of Apprenticeships and training opportunities to young people.  In 2018, this partnership has come to a close as ITEC once again has its own contract to deliver Apprenticeships.   We will continue to work closely with the partners that have made NOVA such a success.

During 2018, as we move across to the new Standards Apprenticeships, our tutors are prepared to deliver the latest theory and knowledge modules in an exciting and innovative way.    Apprenticeships are now ‘End-Point’, which means the apprenticeship will be at the standard required of the job role, so our apprentices may be on level 3 or level 4 programmes, depending on the end point assessment.     As their career and job role develops, they may get the opportunity to move onto the next end-point but they will no longer be limited by age as apprenticeships are now available for everyone.      For those undertaking IT Apprenticeships, the option to include CompTIA, Cisco, Huawei and Microsoft qualifications in the apprenticeship standard will continue to be available.

Check out our web-site at www.iteclt.co.uk and ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/ITECLTpage


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