Smart Cities Project – Building a better connected UK

Huawei Smart Cities

ITEC is working with Huawei on its visionary ‘Smart Cities’ Project.   During the summer and autumn of 2017, ITEC has gained HAINA Academy Status with Huawei and has the first qualified trainer in the UK. #Basildon #Essex #Smartcities #Huawei

What is a Smart City?

The term ‘smart city’ is not clearly defined, which is creating confusion and uncertainty for many UK cities.

However, what most smart city definitions have in common, is that they consider the use of new technologies (usually ICT) and data as the means to solve the city’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Many of us in the UK tend to consider a smart city as clean, with good transport connections.   The words we associate with smart cities include “technology”, “connected”, “fast internet” and “modern”.

In reality, Smart technologies can provide solutions for cities by helping them save money, reduce carbon emissions and manage traffic flows, as well as making local authorities more efficient and more approachable (online).  Or at least that is the intention.

One stumbling block may be the ability of our residents to keep pace with the technological advances that organisations like Huawei are able to provide.  They will undoubtedly have the enthusiasm and the ability to perform great things, but without the infrastructure, education and training for the people using the technology, whether they are Technicians, Administrators or the general public, then progress will be slow.

Quick wins are installation of fibre networks to give access to faster connection to the outside world (always welcome) and improved internal systems. Then those of us who are not quite so “tech-savvy” will get used to having to use them.

However, the perfect Smart City of the future is not that far away.   Part of the Huawei Smart Cities offer includes:

Smart Government

Better services, quick and useful decision-making, forward-looking planning — government done right

Safe CityHuawei INA

Intelligent IT, communications, and video-analysis technologies to keep the public safe

Smart Education

Communicate, educate, succeed. Spread knowledge online to make students smarter and teachers better.

Smart Healthcare

It takes strong medicine to stay healthy and Huawei’s innovative IT solutions help make it happen

Smart Transportation

Integrate traffic signal control, e-Police, and checkpoints for convenient, smooth transportation

Smart Campus

Smart Campus Solution focuses on digital security, intelligent property management, and ‘smart’ office