ITEC launches Cyber Security Apprenticeships

They’re prepared for trouble


Are you?

Once again, the world is hit by Cyber-attacks.  The NHS, high profile business, the Government, etc.    But it’s not just large companies that are at risk!

Could your organisation be next?

Most organisations hold sensitive data about their clients and bank details are often stored on a computer that also has access to the internet.   There’s never been a better time to have an apprentice on ITEC’s Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist programme, launching in the autumn of 2017. #Apprenticeship #Essex

Knowledge modules within the Apprenticeship are supported by professional CompTIA qualifications including Network+, Security+ and Advanced Security Practitioner.

The Apprenticeship Standard for the Cyber Security Technologist at Level 4 includes:-

  • Cyber Security Introduction (as a core module)
  • Network and Digital Communications Theory
  • Security Case Development and Design Good Practice
  • Security Technology Building Blocks
  • Employment of Cryptology
  • Risk Assessment
  • Governance, Organisation, Law, Regulation and Standards

If you would like to find out more about how to protect yourselves please get in touch with Kirk Redhead, Business Development Manager, 01268 286929



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