ITEC Award is won by Twins!

At this year’s annual awards evening in June 2016, the Social Media Apprentice of the Year award had joint winners for the first time in its history.    The winners, Kymbly and Tarnya Till, were not only are first joint winners of an award, they are also twin sisters!

Kerry, the ITEC staff member who nominated the sisters for the award, said “Despite being twins, their work was very different and of a high standard but I could always tell whose work was whose.   They both interpreted their case studies well and presented their work in exemplary fashion.  They were both deserving of the nomination and I am so pleased the panel were able to see what I could see“.

The judging panel, who reviewed the nominations, said “There was nothing between them so it would have been unfair to give one first place and the other a runner’s up trophy.  They both had worked equally hard and both deserved to win the Award.   We know it’s an unusual decision to have 2 winners but there really was parity between them.”

So Kymbly and Tarnya, you are both winners in our book.   As twins and sisters, you are the same yet different!  Well done to you both on this historical achievement!


L-R Tarnya Till, Kerry of ITEC and Kymbly Till


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