Case Study – Emma Semple

This month we interview, Emma who has completed her European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Extra, full level 2 IT Certification.   Emma commenced her ECDL course with ITEC on 9th November 2015 and achieved her full certificate on 26th February 2016.

ITEC:  Emma, what were your thoughts and plans for your career when you first left school?

Emma:  I originally wanted to be a teacherEmma Semple Feb16

ITEC:  What did you do after leaving school?

Emma: I went into human resources following a successful secondment opportunity

ITEC:  What did you get out of your course?

Emma:  Most importantly, the confidence and knowledge to use PowerPoint, Excel and Word effectively. I have also enjoyed my learning and being at ITEC. I was very well supported and guided at ITEC. People have gone “above and beyond” to support my learning.

ITEC:  Congratulations on getting a job, Emma.  Has your course helped you with the skills needed for work?

Emma: Yes, without a doubt. I will use all three packages regularly in my new role. I will need to produce data regularly for the company.

ITEC:  What skills do you feel you have gained from your course?

Emma:  The confidence to explore anything I don’t know using the “help” menus and user guides. Also the confidence to try new things. Across all three Microsoft applications my skill level has vastly improved so I can make a greater contribution at work.

ITEC:  What future learning and development goals do you have?

Emma:  I would like to move onto ECDL Advanced.

ITEC:  How do you feel the course has helped towards your future career plans?

Emma:  Immensely.   I feel far more equipped and confident – thank you for everything.


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