Employee Benefit Schemes

ITEC Learning Technologies

As ITEC is a not-for-profit organisation, salary increases are often hard to come by as we have to be showing a surplus in our accounts to warrant one.  Even then, new equipment and resources for the training rooms come first.   So I looked around for a way to help make our salaries go further.   I found Touchpoint Employee Benefits or rather they found me!


Choose the Employee Benefits Programme Your Employees Deserve
Touchpoint Employee Benefits are experts in cost effective employee benefits. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is vital to attract and retain the right talent. As an employer, you want a happy and motivated workforce. Employee benefits can help to stretch your employees’ salaries even further and create a positive vibe in your workplace. It’s all about how your employees feel about working for you, how they talk about working for you and how they work for you.

Team Club Card

Our Salary Benefits package from Touchpoint comes with the Team Club card.

I love our Team Club card!  So many great savings…. So little time!

I upload our household shopping budget to the card each month around pay day so all our weekly shops at Sainsbury’s are making savings without any extra effort on our part!  It’s easy to upload online and really helps us set our spending budgets.  The savings get added at the next upload so it’s easy to track the savings I’m making and they really add up.  Over the course of 12 months, I have saved £300 making my monthly budget go further than it used to.

I carry a screen print of all the shops where I can make savings using the Team Club card so when we’re out and about and fancy something to eat we can choose somewhere nice and make great savings!  We even plan our date nights at the restaurants where we can get some great savings and, as there are so many to choose from, we can vary where we go.

Need some household goods or some new clothes?  No problem!  I just get out our list of shops and check them out first.  Might as well make a saving where I can!    Just remember to top up the card otherwise I’ll get told off by my husband for spending the shopping budget 😉


Because the Team Club card is welcome wherever you see the Mastercard sign, we can use our card anywhere and, as it’s pre-loaded, there’s no running up extra bills and you can’t get into debt.  Result!


Wendy Vickers