Office 2016 Preview!

Office 2016 is available for preview now if you are thinking about buying take a look and see what you think

Some new features are:-

Outlook 2016, Microsoft now gives you a subtle nudge when you’re adding an email attachment. Now the drop-down “add attachment” menu item asks you if you want to add a file, but also if you want to share a link to a file stored on your SharePoint, One Drive or One Drive for Business account.

PowerPoint Is Old School: Make Way For Sway

Sway is billed as a hipper presentation app than your dad’s PowerPoint. Sway lets you drag and drop photos, videos and files from YouTube, your computer, Facebook, Twitter or One Drive onto a Web browser or smartphone or tablet app. Sway allows you to organize content in an engaging way to help communicate in a nonlinear (PowerPoint) way.

And don’t forget when you’ve purchased and are looking for someone to help you get started or even make better use of the new features let us know


For a quick preview clink on the link below:

 Office 2016 Preview


What do you think?

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