Our techie puts Windows 10 through its paces!

Our technical trainer has put the new Windows 10 operating system through its paces and has compared it to its predecessors; Windows 7 and 8.   Darko has these initial observations to share.

Win 10The new Windows 10 OS has finally put together Windows 7 functionality and stability with a nice and slick new interface that I like very much.    It is simple to navigate and use and it has a small level of similarity to how Android devices are used. It is easy to switch between ‘tablet’ and ‘no tablet’ mode and it is easier to access settings and configure them.    One of the nice changes is that desktop and windows store apps are all listed under the ‘Start’ button in alphabetical order and they all open within a window.

You can also have multiple desktops which helps with organising multi-tasking activities (similar to the feature in Linux).464297-microsoft-edge-browser

There is a new feature called ‘Cortana’ to assist you in your daily tasks, which has been developed successfully for the Windows Phone.  The new browser is called ‘Edge’ and it is faster, more attractive than its IE predecessor and you can write over it. You can have a conversation with Cortana, so it (she?) can learn about your activities and help you. So sweet !! 🙂

cortana_Cortana searches the web and the windows store as well as your computer and displays the information found similar to your usual Google Search.  Therefore, in short, you do not need to open your search engine to find information on the web because you have the lovely Cortana to do it for you!   It (she?) can also do searches within a website. Just right click on ‘item’ and ‘ask Cortana’.    Cortana and Edge work very well together – perhaps a match made in heaven?!!

What do you think?  Have you upgraded yet?  How does it compare?

Darko Pecanac

Technical Trainer (and guest blogger!)