Digital Industries Trailblazer Apprenticeships…… where are we?

With the implementation of the Digital Industries Trailblazer Apprenticeships steaming its way towards us on a super-fast train, at our annual Programme Review meeting this year we put our employers and learners on the spot and asked them what skills training they would like the ITEC to run to meet the behavioural competencies of the new standards. #Apprenticeships #DigitalIndustries #TrailblazerApprenticeships #Essex

We had a nice, long list of items from both learners and employers and surprisingly the list was quite comparable.

The learners came up with the following skills:

  • Cisco and MCSECustomer Service
  • Professional qualifications in Admin, e.g. Sage, ECDL
  • Telephone skills
  • Business documents – including layout and content
  • Customer service
  • Communicating in a working environment
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Interview techniques
  • Careers interview to help understand what sort of job you are qualified for and to help with progression
  • Time management including punctuality

The employers came up with the following skills:

  • Customer service – talking to customers, providing a qualitative Time managementservice, understanding what good customer service is
  • Telephone techniques – including managing messages, ability to converse, provide a service
  • Written communication – letters, emails, invoicing
  • Verbal communication – peer to peer, hierarchy, appropriateness of conversation and speech, formal and informal, presentation skills
  • Budgeting – specific towards business, understanding of personal budgets
  • Project management – seeing a project through from start to finish, steps within a project, risk management
  • Workplace etiquette – behaviour, dress, communication
  • IT User skills – office skills
  • General well-being – personal presentation, looking after yourself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Time management – ownership of tasks and deadlines
  • E&D, H&S and PREVENT – embedded into the behavioural competences – including legislation, acceptance, tolerance and understanding of others
  • Working in a business environment

There is some common ground across both lists and these match the behavioural competences required in the new standards.

So next stop…… action plan….. lesson plans for some of these areas!

Thank you to all the learners and employers who came along and supported our programme review and, as always, a big thank you to our staff here at ITEC who will turn some of this list into a reality!