Charity Football Match – 25th September 2014

The EVENT – ITEC Rovers v. Managers United

The TIME and DATE – 25th September 2014 7pm kick off

The PLACE – Bowers & Pitsea Football Club, Crown Avenue, Pitsea SS13 2BE

Tomorrow night, our apprentices take on their line managers for the inaugural ITEC Charity Football Match.   The match is part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations and cartoon_footballer_and_refreeis in support of our nominated 3 charties; Be Child Cancer Aware, the Indee Rose Trust and the Hamelin Trust. #apprenticeships #Essex #football #charity

The event has been organised by Pauline Prior and Kerry Prigg.   Our volunteer match officials are James Prigg, Matt Davis and Jack North.

ITEC Rovers will be managers by Bob Prigg and Managers United will be managed by Aaron Paterson.


Bob was asked for his pre-match comment “This is a fantastic opportunity for me to develop an up-and-coming team into professional Premiership ready players. I can see the potential in all of them – these are tomorrow’s stars – you heard it from me first! So who am I? I’m Bob Prigg – need I say anymore! I have a wealth of experience behind me – I have nurtured several youth football teams – Leigh Rockets under 8’s, Leigh Rockets under 10’s, under 12’s, under14’s…..   I’m a Warehouse Manager by day, distributing cosmetic products on a multi-million pound scale globally – but it’s all about creating a team that works well together, that bonds and responds to one another – warehouse to football pitch, it’s all the same. Put a great leader in front of them and the results will be shown. Expect the unexpected tonight – watch the Rovers storm to a tremendous victory and steal the trophy right from under United’s noses! There’s only one winning team – and that’s my team!!


cartoon-football-playerAaron’s pre-match statement was “I am privileged to have been asked to take the reins at Managers United; but more importantly, you should feel privileged that I will be gracing this stage with my superior management skills. I regularly manage to tie my shoelaces and once managed to touch my ceiling at home when I jumped as hard as I could; both of which I doubt Roy Hodgson could do! Whilst I have had a relatively short term in football management thus far (this will be my first engagement), I have played football for many years – including a couple of short spells with semi-professional clubs – and now fully understand the concept of ‘kick the ball’ and ‘score’. My recent purchase of a FIFA coaching A licence on Ebay from a delightful – but anonymous – Swiss gentleman stands as proof of my credentials. He has really positive feedback on items from World Cups to things called ‘Election Votes’, so it seems pretty legit. That’s enough about me, tonight is about raising as much money as we can for The Indee Rose Trust, The Hamelin Trust and Be Child Cancer Aware. You have come to be entertained and entertainment is one thing that I can guarantee you; I promise that any trips and slips are completely intentional as it forms part of our slapstick style performance. That said, we are ‘in it to win it’. Apprentices, beware of the Masters! Be afraid, be very afraid!!

Playing for ITEC Rovers (in navy shirts) will be:- Robert Adams, Harry Baker, Cameron Christall, Kieren Dilworth, Torin Grimes, Bradley Harrison, Alex Kyriacou, Ian Maxwell, Mitchell Parmenter, Jack Pearce, Ryan Sibley and George Tomkins.

Playing for Managers United (in white shirts) will be:- Matthew Bentley, Peter Bentley, Dan Elliott, Mark Flint, James Harvey, Danny Huntingford, Lee Judge, Sam Mansford, Jed Parmenter-Rons, Luke Stillwell, Stuart Warren and Lee Watson.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of you who are giving up your time and supporting this fun event. Come along and join in the fun – adults £1, children 50p – all in the name of good causes!