Latest Technology – LED Lighting!

Our guest blogger this month is Karen Boom from She’s Electric

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Our Guest Blogger this month is Karen Boom.  Karen is a fully qualified electrician who runs her own business, aptly names “She’s Electric”.    You all know how much we love and support Women in Technology!   Here Karen tells us all about LED lighting and why it’s the new ‘must have’ technology in electrics!

1385567802Over to you, Karen…..

My name is Karen Boom and I’m a fully qualified and insured electrician, based in Billericay, Essex. My focus is on providing a safe and professional service to you, whatever the job – from simply installing a light fitting, to testing and inspection, to a full house rewiring.

LED Lighting – what is all the fuss about?

So, you have probably heard people talking about LED lighting. You may think it’s a bit like “Marmite”…..people seem to love it or hate it and you may be wondering what on earth all the hype…

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