Quiz Night Celebration Fun – all in the name of 3 good causes!

On Thursday 6th February, we held our Charity Quiz Night at the Bowers and Pitsea Football Club to kick off our 30th Anniversary celebrations.  The Quiz was in aid of the 3 local charities we are supporting all year;  Be Child Cancer Aware, the Indee Rose Trust and the Hamelin Trust.

As many of our quizzers were comings straight from work we commenced proceedings with a wonderful complimentary buffet.  The food was provided by Claire and her helpers from the club and what a wonderful buffet it was!   We received lots of praise for the food and will ask Claire to repeat the feat for our Awards Night in April.

Let the quizzing begin…….

The quiz was themed on 1984, the year ITEC opened, so all the questions were about ‘1984’.    There were 10 rounds plus a marathon and each team had the opportunity to play their joker once.    The rounds were:-

  • In the News
  • People who left us in 1984 (pictures)
  • Sport
  • Musiccharities
  • Films
  • People who joined us in 1984 (pictures)
  • Olympics
  • Beat the Intro (audio)
  • Books
  • 1984 Trivia

There were 2 Olympics in 1984, as both the Summer and Winter used to be in the same year.   Many of the questions were pop culture as each year sees a wealth of releases of music, films and books.   Sport was great fun…. who’d have thought France won Euro’84 and Niki Lauda won the F1 Championship!   Of course, the novel ‘1984’ made a couple of appearances as the film was made in 1984 and the first line of the novel was used in the 1984 Trivia round!   Cheating?… na!

The older members of our teams did exceptionally well with naming the pictures of the celebrities who passed away in 1984 but the younger team members came into their own when identifying the photos of the celebrities who were born in 1984.   We even snuck Mark Zuckerberg in there to give an IT feel to our questions!

The marathon round was lines from 1984 song lyrics and this really tested the metal of our teams!   The results of the quiz:

Team   Number Team   Name




The Thought Police


FirstQuiz winners


Sub Culture Club


SecondSub culture club


Jet Setters


ThirdJET Setters


Matts Mishaps



Barclays Brains and Beauties






That’s What we do



Basildon Bond



Naughty Neighbours



Old Tecs



Big Fact Hunt


Oh   dear

A great night was had by all and we raised £580 for our charities, which included a half-time raffle where prizes had been kindly donated by our staff, friends, learners and employers.   Thank you to all those lovely people who took part and we hope to see you again at some of our other events planned for 2014!

10th April – ITEC’s annual awards evening with charity raffle and prize-giving

5th June – Reunion party for all our learners from the past 30 years with charity games, raffles and DJ

5th August – Charity Balloon Race

25th September – Charity Football match

We also have plans for a sponsored walk but these are not yet finalised!   Keep in touch to find out what’s happening!

Come celebrate 30 years in business with ITEC!  #30yearsinbusiness

Wendy Vickers


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