Case Study – Florence Nyagura

This month we interview Florence Nyagura, who has completed her ECDL Extra, full level 2 IT Certification.   Florence commenced her ECDL course with ITEC on 30th April 2013 and achieved her full certificate on 23rd July 2013.Florence

ITEC:  Florence, what were your thoughts and plans for your career when you first left school?

Florence:  I wanted to be a TV presenter

ITEC:  What did you do after leaving school?

Florence:  After school, I went to college studying IT then went to university to pursue a computer science degree, which was completely different to my plans of being a TV presenter!

ITEC:  What did you get out of your course?

Florence:  I have gained a lot of experience and improved my understanding of using computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  By attending ITEC to complete the ECDL Extra, I feel I have gained the knowledge of how to do things on a computer the easy way, which if I had known when I was at university I would not have struggled when doing my assignment.

ITEC:  Congratulations on getting a job, Florence.  Has your course helped you with the skills needed for work?

Florence:  Working for my employer is a great thing especially now that I am more confident when using the office packages.  My job entails using Excel spreadsheets to enter complicated data, format worksheets and create charts.   I also use Word to produce merged documents and mail them electronically.

ITEC:  What skills do you feel you have gained from your course?

Florence:  I now have a better understanding and increased knowledge of how to use a computer for work and I have gained the ability to use computer applications to;

  • create and produce high quality documents using spreadsheets
  • effectively use tools in PowerPoint to produce high quality presentations
  • produce professional documents using Word with its various formatting techniques and tools, e.g. Mailmerge
  • increase my productivity and effectiveness at work

ITEC:  What future learning and development goals do you have?

Florence:  At the moment I am doing Microsoft Project 2010 with ITEC and my goal is to go on to learn project management with Prince2, which will enhance my ability in my job role of Project Manager.

ITEC:  How do you feel the course has helped towards your future career plans?

Florence:  The course I have attained from ITEC has made a great contribution to my career and has had an impact on my performance at work because it has helped to increase my abilities to use computer applications confidently and effectively.

What do you think?

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