Growth in IT jobs in the UK

Permanent vacancies continue to rise, with growth seen in Scotland, Southern England and the West.


 IT jobs are on the increase according to IT recruitment site

Region Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter
  2/2013 2/2012 2/2011 2/2010 2/2009
Inner London 9,886 9,654 8838 6,714 5,736
Outer London 23,365 22,675 20571 17,859 14,899
Southern England 27,421 26,223 24261 18,929 15,944


Year-on-year, vacancies in southern England have seen modest growth with 27,421  job vacancies posted in the quarter, a rise of 4.6 per cent on the year. 


Comments Richard Nott, website director, CWJobs: “As investment in technology firms increases, there is less need for professionals to be based in the capital city, giving professionals the opportunity to work across many different regions. 

 This is good news for the industry and for the prospects of IT Apprentices or indeed anyone entering the field of technical IT  there  may no longer need to consider re-locating to get the best jobs.

As IT’s position as an inherently ‘networked industry’ grows.


Areas of particular growth include .net technology however networking and IT support still provide a high proportion of all jobs


Kirk Redhead MBCS   

 Business Development Manager

ITEC Learning Technologies Ltd

01268 286929

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