A good business rep will see you through!


I’m sitting at my desk this morning looking at my Windows personalisation setup of the Hawaii collection of photos and wishing I was thousands of miles away with not a care in the world!!

View-of-Waikiki-Beach-Hawaii-United-StatesI suspect thousands of people at work today are thinking similar things….. but, like me, they know the truth is, without the pay packet that comes with the job, I couldn’t afford to visit anywhere like this for a holiday – I have been lucky enough to go to Hawaii twice and if I’m very lucky there will be a 3rd time somewhere in my future!!

So what really is the matter?   I love my job, I love what I do and I get a real buzz when things are going well.   At the moment though there is friction with a supplier, which has been both surprising and stressful.   Surprising because we thought, like us, they were decent, ethical business people and stressful because they have played us false.    It’s the unfairness of the situation rather than the actual problem.   The actual problem is only money and easily resolved, albeit it at a cost.

However, the situation has really made me think about our reputation.    I want people to do business with ITEC because we are ethical, decent business people and they trust us.    We wouldn’t play anyone false because we want to look at ourselves in the mirror and be satisfied that we uphold good ethics.

You are only as good as your business reputation and I know that ITEC’s is rock solid.  Your business reputation takes a long time to build but only a moment to destroy and once tarnished it is very difficult to build it back up.   And, believe me, people will talk!!    I believe in what we do and we shouldn’t be doing business with anyone who doesn’t have the same ethics.    We are an organisation that is built on trust and we can be trusted to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.    If my predecessor, Malcolm, taught me anything, it is the value of having a reputation for being trustworthy and honest!

Our reputation has been built up over the last 30 years and 2014 will see us celebrating 30 years in business – a huge achievement and one to be celebrated and savoured!


Wendy Vickers, CEO


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