ITEC has Apprentice of the Year 2013! #Apprenticeship

ITEC Apprentice wins ‘Apprentice of the Year’ at the 2013 Basildon Business Awards.

It was a fabulously warm, sunny evening on Friday 12th July 2013.  Over 100 businesses assembled at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon to sip champagne and celebrate their success at the Evening Echo Annual Basildon District Business Awards.

This year ITEC was one of the corporate sponsors so Kirk and Amanda donned dinner jackets and posh frocks to represent the company (yes, Amanda wore the frock!).

Not only were we one of the sponsors but we had four, yes four, apprentices in the final.  Each year apprentices across the district are nominated by their training providers and employers and are whittled down to just six finalists.  We were immensely proud of our fab four!

Harry Fallows, Ryan Chalmers, Laura Beesley and Mel Goggins met us at the Towngate with their employers and family members.  They looked fantastic all dressed up and really did themselves, their employers and us proud!   We took the opportunity of getting some early pics of them all duded up!

4 finalists KR AR

After a few glasses of Champagne it was dinner time.  We had a table of 15 in the main auditoria and the atmosphere was fantastic.  The opening address was given by Bala Mahendran, the CEO of Basildon Council, and he was followed by Simon from Gardner Aerospace, who was this year’s Head of Judges.   Dinner was served, the wine flowed and the excitement mounted.  Dinner was cut short for Amanda as, whilst she was chatting to the Chair of Judges, the waiting staff cleared her plate.  She was starving!!   Result for the pre-holiday diet though!

After two puddings, to make up for the lack of dinner (oops, bang goes the pre-holiday diet!), the awards ceremony started.   At every Business Awards there is a music quiz.  Each table has a quiz sheet and has to name the ‘walk up’ music played for each judge and winner.  At table 17 we were determined….we were in it to win it….we were a team humming along to the music….. we conferred…..we scribbled down our answers hastily………. but………..we didn’t win it!

The award for ‘Apprentice of the Year’ is right at the end of the evening so the apprentices were nervous and excited all evening long as they joined in the clapping and cheering for all the other winners.  When their award came up, they each had their name read out and a big picture of them flashed up around the auditoria.  Mark, the MD at Gardner Aerospace, judged this award and read out the name of the winner……..  *drum roll* ………. Laura Beesley!!   We were thrilled!!  The other apprentices clapped and cheered her too.   She went up onto stage to collect her award and pose for some photos with Mark.

Laura winner

After the ceremony it was disco time!!   Amanda and Kirk cracked out their dancing shoes and boogied the night away until their taxi’s collected them at 12.45am (just a little too late for the pumpkins!)

It was a fantastic night and made us proud to see four amazing young people so deservedly recognised for their endeavours!!   Our congratulations go to each of them…. In our book they are all winners!!    In 2014 ITEC celebrates 30 years of training young people …….  Role on next year!!


Amanda Rawlings

Youth Programmes Manager

(the best bopper on the night!)