Guest Blogger, Angela Prior, tells us about her blindfolded charity run for #fightforsight on Monday 27th May 2013

Seeing is believing

One very sunny day in May 2012, I stood next to St. James’s Park  waving off my cousin, Paul McGuire, his wife, Helen, and my boyfriend, and Men’s running magazine’s project 26.2 member, Aaron Paterson, as they began their run in the London Bupa 10K.  I was totally in awe of their achievements aAngela%20Priornd very proud of how well they had done.   Little did I realise, it my turn this year!  #LondonBupa10K

Aaron had chirpily told me that he had signed me up for this year’s 10K.  “My treat” he said.   (I think if he had taken me for a meal with the same thoughts, I’d have been slightly happier.)   However, I’m not one to back out, so the training started…. well, about 8 months later, it started.

As we all know, we seem to have had the longest and coldest winter in history and this doesn’t make for an enthusiastic running session.   However, I realised I was rapidly running out of time so it had to be done.   First training session (January) and I thought I was going to die after 1 mile, yes, 1 mile!!

The training went on like this for a couple of months and after completing my first 4 mile run, things were becoming easier.   Or, so I thought.

It was at this time, unfortunately, that my cousin, Paul, was diagnosed with #Choroideremia, a rare inherited degenerative eye disorder that leads to progressive sight loss.   Now, I may not be the most physical of people (up until now, that is), but I am particularly positive.   So straight away my thoughts were, “right, what can I do to help?”  And then it came to me, “I’ll run my 10K blindfold”! 

The only thing we can do is to raise more awareness and funding  for this disease to support the only clinical human trials that are currently avaliable in the UK.   If Paul were to be considered for this procedure it would buy him extra time without his condition deteriorating.

So now we’re into May and with Aaron as my trusty guide, I have recently completed 4 miles blindfolded and I’ve also completed my 2nd 3×5 minute threshold run, with ease if I may say so!   Now I am well on my way with training, I am determined to raise as much awareness (and funds) as possible for my cousin and many others with this devastating disease.

I will be running for the ‘fight for sight charity’ to which all funds raised will go.   #fightforsight

Please help support my 10K blindfold run being run on Monday 27th May 2013:

Angela’s fundraising page:

Angela’s press release:

Check out Aaron’s blog at

Thank you

Angela Prior


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