Which Tablet do you use???

Let’s talk Tablets!

These days everyone seems to have their own favourite among the many tablets on the market, but which one is the best?

kindle-fire-hdI prefer my Kindle Fire because I am such a book worm!  I can keep my page while I check on both my personal emails (using the Gmail platform) and my work emails, using the brilliant ‘Exchange by Touchdown’ app from Nitrodesk.   It also syncs the page to my other Kindle so I can read in the garden or on the beach in bright sunlight as it is set up through my Amazon account with WhisperSync.    Other apps that I favour are the Weather Channel, the Word guessing game, Bejeweled2 and Catchphrase.   I really like checking out the 10-day forecast for my favourite holiday spots around the world (it’s always warmer than here in Britain but when it’s not I like to gloat!!).   The Kindle Fire is also very easy to use to surf and shop and when I’m out and about I can tether it to my smartphone to give me my own personal wifi hotspot.


Now my husband, Alan, prefers his Acer Iconia B1, set up through a Google Play account.   He’s learning to speak Italian so he has lots of interactive learning tools and apps on his tablet to help with this.   (The Kindle Fire does use these as well but we thought it best to get him his own tablet when my Kindle Fire kept disappearing with him!)  He also has the Weather Channel app but he has set his up in Fahrenheit whereas I have mine in Celsius as I find it difficult to speak Fahrenheit 🙂   The Acer Iconia B1 seems to do everything the Kindle Fire does except you don’t have the sync option between devices that you get with Amazon’s Kindle books.


At work, both Kerry and Kirk love their iPads.  In fact Kerry says her iPad is like carrying her world around in her handbag.  She did a wonderful blog about her iPad experieniPadce for me back in November 2012, which is worth a read.    Both Kerry and Kirk have their work emails and calendars and their personal emails and calendars set up on their iPads, along with favourite music.    Gwyneth also has an iPad, the early edition.   Both Kerry and Gwyneth have 3G set up on their iPads so they can use it to view the Learning Assistant online portfolio system when they’re visiting their apprentices in their workplaces, enabling them to have a mobile office.   Kirk doesn’t have the 3G set up on his iPad to give him complete mobility and uses his with wifi.     The iPad has to be set up with an iTunes account.   The iPad does have a larger screen (unless you’re using the iPad mini,of course!), although Acer do have an Iconia with a larger screen and Amazon has also launched a Kindle Fire with a larger screen.

So which Tablet is best?  Is it ‘horses for courses’?   There are so many to choose from, each have variations on a theme and different accounts to set them up through.    How do you know what to buy?     Tell us what you think.    Which tablet do you use and why?  




Wendy Vickers


What do you think?

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