3 comments on “If you could have dinner and a chat just

  1. I would like to have dinner and a chat with the Queen. I would ask her what her life was really like and what impact being the Queen has had on her life. What choices would she have made if she hadn’t had to think about the monarchy? How would she have spent her life if she hadn’t been the Queen? I would also like to ask her what moment in time she is really proud of, what moment in time she regrets, if any. I would also be really cheeky and ask her if she could just be like any other mother-in-law in the history of time who’s son had got divorces what would she really say about Diana!! (off the record of course!)


  2. Would have to be Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela they have done so much for their cause to make the lives of many better and at home Keir Hardie who did so much for the poor and working classes in this country


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