3 comments on ““if there is one gadget you could have t

  1. A portable tablet or mini laptop with internet connection, remote log in to work docs and email. And camera for photo/video evidence for learners work.
    This would make LA e-portfolio access instant rather than playing catching up, later on or next day, using with learners at the visits, updating notes etc.
    More responsive to work emails making communication channels tighter, especially as lot of colleagues part time hours.
    To Utilise at training days and seminars etc for instant note taking, rather than hand written scribble, with possibility of sending instant email on what seen.

    Heidi Auger |Qualifications Co-ordinator


  2. Going to go for a tablet – now have the phone, tablet would help me particularly when I have out visiting
    I can log onto learning assistant while I am out – if I’m allowed to log into their networks, I can set up to receive my works email, which I don’t do at the moment. I can use it and do extra work while I am waiting for appointments and check my learning assistant when I want too. The learning assistant app on my phone is not that good. I would like a windows based tablet for access to office etc

    Rosemarie Bowers


  3. As my phone is by no means Smart (my kids call it a brick!), it has been usefull having access to the iPad1 but it does has it’s limitations; no camera and it does not support flash. With a more up to date Android or Windows tablet I could take photos of evidence whilst visiting candidates; be able to scan QR codes; have full access to information on the internet. Having a tablet device is like having the office in your bag, perhaps a smaller device would enable an office in your pocket! It’s great to be able to pickup emails whilst you’re on visits, look at Maps to find out where I am going next and to be able to look up candidates on Learning Assistant. A good point about the iPad1 is that it has 3G connectivity, so that if I am not allowed to pickup Wifi at my candidates place of work, I can still connect to the internet and make the world a smaller place 🙂


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