The seach for learners past for ITEC’s 30th Birthday #ITEC

ITEC’s 30th Birthday – the search for learners past!

It’s 29 years ago this month, 1st February 1984, that ITEC opened its doors to receive the first ITEC learners.  Check out the old photos on our Facebook page,

Jason, Scott, John, Darren & Steve c.1988

Jason, Scott, John, Darren & Steve c.1988

Since that momentus day, many, many more learners have come through our doors, completed their courses and left us for pastures new.

Now we are getting ready to celebrate 30 years in business in February 2014 and I am on the hunt for as many old ITEC’ers as possible.   Mmmm…..where to start?

Some of the learners have stayed in touch throughout the years.  In fact some of our old learners sit on the ITEC’s Board of Directors so I am in touch with Nyki (was P)D, Adam G and Mark S.   Some of our learners can in to our exam centre to continue their professional development so I was able to add Alex G, Andy H and Steve H to my list.  Some of our old learners stay in touch through social media and are our friends on Facebook so this would make a good starting point.    Among many of our Facebook friends, I found Owen E from our very first group, Rob Mc now based in Canada and Steve B now based in Australia to mention but a few.   Reviewing their friends on Facebook proved fruitful and I was able to add more names from the past 30 years to my list – Great, I am really getting somewhere!   I requested these ITEC’ers as ‘friends’ and quadrupled my list in one foul swoop!  I added Jean (was T)J, Kerry B, Andrew B, Dan E, Mike B, John O, Alex W, Marc R and Stuart R to name a few more!

Then I found our old ‘Starters/Leavers’ book – well, it wasn’t actually lost, Tara had it stored away in a safe place.   The book is falling apart with age and the paper has yellowed over the years but the names are all still readable.   Using the listings in the book, I consulted the oracle that is ‘Google’ – whatever did we do before we ‘googled’?!

Sadly, I found a few names from the past that have passed away and my sincere condolences go to the families of Simon J, Mark P, Lee R, Phil W, James, taken too soon from this world.

LinkedIn proved extremely fruitful and was such a clear demonstration of how well our learners have done in their careers.  I found so many learners from the 80’s with careers in management and high-flying IT jobs that I am so impressed – how fantastic!  From LinkedIn I added Darren W, Steve L, Tony D, Matt C, Mark M, Rob F, Mark A and Stephanie (was Mc)A.

We have had 2 weddings at the ITEC over the 30 years.  Adam G married Angela and Mark A married Stephanie.    Both now have children of their own….ahhh!   I have found, though, that it is very hard to track down our old female learners as they are usually married with different names so imagine my surprise when one ex-ITEC’er said his sister in law was also an old ITEC’er!   What luck!

Anyway, as of today I have tracked down 173 previous learners, now known as ITEC’ers!  They will all be invited to our 30th birthday party (I do realise though that it’s too far for Steve B and Rob Mc to come 😦  although in fairness to Rob, he did pop in to see us when he was in the UK last year) and I can’t wait to see them again!   We are all older and wiser but it has been brilliant tracking them all down and I still have 11 months and 2 weeks to find some more of you.

Rob Mc and me 5th Aug 2011

Rob Mc and me 5th Aug 2011

If there are any ex-ITEC’ers reading this, please, please get in touch – thank you!

01268 286929