Windows 8 – what do you think of it so far?

Windows 8 – ‘a beautiful new start’?


Most of us are now used to Windows 7 and we all seem to feel it’s a vast improvement on Vista!   In fact I am very comfortable using Windows 7 and am not keen to change – I finally know where most things are!   Now along comes Windows 8, specifically, it seems, to bridge the market between PC and tablet.  Microsoft proclaims it’s ‘a beautiful new start’ but what do our learners, friends and clients think of it so far?  I posed the question asking just that on our social networking pages.  Here are some of the comments.


Anthony wrote: “Gestures whilst using a mousepad are a nightmare, menus popping up all over the shop. Was a bit unresponsive at times and generally just isn’t as user friendly. Didn’t have any help (that I could find) on what did what, so putting the mouse in various corners through trial and error told me whereabouts did what. On a positive note, the bit that’s NOT the tiles was fine. Control panel wasn’t easy to find at all, had to Google that -once I’d found out how to bring up the address bar on the full screen Internet Explorer. Maybe it’s because I moved away from Windows pre-Windows 7 that it’s all new, but in a way I felt like I was a new user straight out of the box, it didn’t really help me at all.”


Ben wrote: “I like the look of it personally and how fast it starts up, but I’m not going to upgrade. The interface is nice for tablet screens and the metro-style is quite unique. But with the looks, one can easily emulate that by downloading ‘Rainmeter’ and using one of its skins. As for any new icons or computer graphics, they are stored in Shell32.dll and it’s not too hard to hack and swap the graphics (just make sure to back-up your files). Personally, I wish that Microsoft would encourage people to customise how their Windows OS looks, rather than supplying some colour taskbar feature with backgrounds, screen-saver and a few other controls here and there. I mean, imagine if people started designing more themes like this!


Rob wrote: “Hate it, not user-friendly, not business-friendly. As always we’ll skip a version, wait to see what is next, heck it worked when we skipped vista.”


Marcus wrote: “Not impressed with ‘Windows 8’. They should have called it Microsoft tablet PC version. The whole point of a windows OS is so you can open multiple windows of your choice. Yet with the silly metro interface it’s not possible. Also, I feel it’s so much easier to just go back to command prompt and use that to do stuff.”


Man of few words!  Jack wrote: “Awful”.


Andy wrote: “It’s nothing amazing. I like the fact I can now see how fast my copying/moving, etc., is going and multiples copying/moving processes box snap together. I also like the more involved ‘Task Manager’.  I hate the tiles front end as it’s just another layer of rubbish (I can understand its idea for a touch screen device but not for a normal desktop).. but I use ‘stardock start8’ to bypass it anyway.”


Bill wrote: “It’s really, really nice on a tablet but really, really bad with a mouse. They didn’t learn how bad mouse overs are for UI and included them in their latest and greatest operating system. It’s real a pain to use. Moving a mouse to the corner of the screen, waiting for the menu to pop up, then pulling the mouse down to activate the menu takes far too much time. To bring it up with touch you just need to swipe from the edge of the screen which works far better.”


So there you have it!  These are our initial thoughts and feelings.  Tell us what you think?